Dr. Price has received extensive training in the Gonstead-Palmer 
Technique. Her technique is very specialized in finding the source of the problem.
She performs a very 
detailed spinal examination, determining which vertebra is out
alignment. This means you will receive a very specific adjustment to your spine,
thereby relieving the pinched nerve and relieving your pain.

Dr. Price's technique is also unique in which each treatment,
she spends extra time with you performing t
herapy which includes
a hot pack, ultrasound therapy, and 
trigger point/massage therapy,
prior to the spinal adjustment.

Your first treatment, you will receive a 
specific spinal examination to determine if you
have a pinched nerve/rotated 
vertebra. If necessary, X-Rays will be taken of your spine.
We have an On-Site 
X-Ray facility, which allows Dr. Price to get results of your 
specific Spinal Examination at the time of your appointment.
                                                       Dr. Price's primary goal is to help you feel better and relieve 
                our pain. We encourage you to live a pain free lifestyle.
Take advantage of Dr. Price's 20+ years of experience in relieving others in pain. 
          Call TODAY to Schedule Your appointment at (408)287-BACK.
                                                       We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare,Workers 
                                                       Compensation, and Personal Injury/Accident patients.
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