Common symptoms of a pinched nerve/misaligned vertebra include pain,
soreness, numbness, burning sensation,
tingling feeling in the arms or legs, and
most commonly muscle tightness. Other
common symptoms include pain or
stiffness with turning the head and neck,
difficulty getting up out of a chair,
standing in one position too long, and
headaches. All of these symptoms are signs
of a pinched nerve from a rotated vertebra.
Pinched Nerve & Chiropractic
The most common cause of neck, back, arm, and leg pain is a        result of a pinched nerve in the spine. The most common location where a nerve is pinched, is at the spine. The pinching of a nerve is caused by a vertebra rotated out of alignment. The early symptoms of a pinched nerve are muscle spasms  and tightness. Pain is often the last symptom, not the first!
Dr. Price has extensive training in the the Gonstead Technique, which focuses on finding the mis-alignment in the spine. Dr. Price performs a specific, gentle, manual adjustment to the spine to relieve the nerve pressure and relieving the pain